F.r.a.y.s all the way


I am so excited to be blogging again because, well, I’ve missed it.

Also because, we’re about to start a journey of a lifetime (looking for a wedding venue – eeek) and I love to document a memory.

thumbnail_img_8458Anyway, back to the topic of the blog, I’m currently obsessing over all the different types of denim that’s around at the moment. Skinny jeans dominated the market for so long and whilst, yes, they’re a great go-to item, I love anything with a creative edge.

These in particular are called ‘Dree’ and are from Topshop, but there are multiple ‘jeans with a twist’ on asos.com at the minute and they’re definitely worth a look, like these here. They add a fun twist to any outfit and certainly give you the feeling that you could march along like the *Spanish lady emoji* doing her thing.

Talking of fun twists, season after season, I love to look for the classic staples with a new angle, making great easy-to-wear items like the classic white shirt all of a sudden very current. This shirt is no exception, just add a grey stripe, tick, oh and these elongated sleeves. I’ll take anything with a slight Johanna Ortiz vibe to it at the moment, really. This shirt was from H&M and they had it in a lovely pale blue and pink too. I bought it slightly bigger to get that oversized look which I love.

As for the shoes, I couldn’t resist these when I first saw them – don’t they look a little Isabel Marant? Luckily for me, they’re a little Topshop number, and the burgundy coloured ones are a great tran-seasonal piece.  That said, you can never fault a versatile black sandal that you can wear year-on-year, and the same goes for a black boot.

Lucy x


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