Masseria Cervarolo: a dream

It only seemed right that my first travel blog was a review of this hotel. It really was something special, and potentially my new special place, one where I will always consider going back to when I’m in need of down time as opposed to an adventure.


Once I’ve seen a place, even if I’ve loved it I wouldn’t say it’s likely I’ll go back because I’m always hungry to see somewhere new, but there are a few exceptions and often the draw is a particular hotel. A hotel  where I felt i could completely switch off and this was definitely one of those hotels. The other two are Riffelahus (I will do a blog on this at a later date) and one in the Douro Valley – a wine region in the vicinity of Portugal’s capital – Porto (the Port is just too good).

Back to Masseria Cervarolo, we did enquire about getting married there, but they made a strategic decision four years ago to be a boutique hotel, and a boutique hotel only. I can understand why: once you’re a wedding venue in Italy, that is likely to be what you’ll always be, no boutique hotel about it and that would be a real shame.

I should also mention that I’m a fan of a boutique hotel so this certainly ticks that box, and if a hotel appears on Mr & Mrs Smith’s collection then it’s likely for me that it’s going to tick a lot of boxes. They are always worth checking out and whilst they can be on the pricey side, we both felt this hotel was reasonable for the experience.

We stayed in room one right in the courtyard and as soon as I saw it’s pale pained front door and the tall cactus beside our door, it put the biggest smile on my face.

The room continued to impress, it was traditional to the local area, pastel hues, and interior design heaven. It was also amazing in the sense that if you were outside and it was scorching you could step inside and because of the stone it was instantly cool without air conditioning.


Every part of the hotel was well-thought-out and designed to perfection, we met the owner upon departure and he said his wife was the creative talent and boy was she talented. From the living area to the cacti staked shelf in the lunch area, every detail was incredible.


The pool side bar had traditional Puglian dishes and good Italian Aperitifs and I just love an Aperol Spritz.


They gave out towels for the pool area and it was a beautiful pool, really quiet and relaxing too.


In the restaurant they do a 7 course taster menu and whilst we’re glad we tried it, we rated the breakfast much higher and depending on how long you’re there I’d definitely venture into Ostuni for dinner instead. Ostuni is such a beautiful place – very white with lots of incredible doorways (I have this thing with doors), oh and the odd vespa thrown in for good measure.

Before  I forget it also had the cutest chapel…


The full itinerary of our Italian road trip (and why Puglia is my favourite destination in Italy) will be up soon, but if you visit the Puglian region this hotel is an absolute must.

Lucy xxx





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