Lace-up Jumpers

The lace-up jumper was one of my biggest loves in AW15 and long may that continue in to AW16. I love this jumper, it’s colour has a grey / cream tone too it, which are two of my favourite colours, I have worn it with lots of different things and it is so cosy. Best of all, it was a Primark find. Whilst I like to “invest” in key pieces, you really can find some amazing items at a much lower cost and I love to mix them up in an outfit because you’d never be able to tell when you pick the right thing. I love this jumper so much, I also bought it in a burgundy hue.

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I generally love lace-up anything too, I always remember my mum wearing lace-up vests when I was young so I guess that must be why.

Whilst I bought this jumper last year, you can find similar here, here and here.

In this picture i have some Zara boyfriend jeans on – one of my favourite styles to get comfy in.

The flowers are from Neptune, one of my utmost favourite interior stores, and they do one of the best ranges of artificial flowers – so life like.

The Alexander McQueen book was a souvenir from his Exhibition at the V&A, I love a souvenir. I tend to pick up a Christmas bauble from every place we visit, it brings back lots of lovely memories when decorating our Christmas tree.

Anyway, I had to get the book because a) I love a coffee table book and b) I was so happy that I’d got to visit the exhibition, it was the second from last day and I was praying I didn’t miss it / could get in. I love all of his designs, they have an artistic, yet dark flair, and the precision to detail is just something else.

Anyway it was a book or a scarf, and not both, sensible Lucy chose the book 🙂

Lucy x

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