Chloé vibes X spice world…

I mentioned spice world in my last blog and it was in reference to the tones that will add a warm hue to your wardrobe, not the Spice Girls movie, even if I did used to love it!


The rusts,warm oranges, and yellows reflect the colours of spices, from Cinnamon to Paprika. Aptly named, the colour of this dress is referred to as “curry” perfect for a trip to a country in the Indian Ocean.


This dress was great for my holiday to Sri Lanka and I will be wearing  it into Winter with other spice shades, perhaps layering it a turtle neck and OTK boots.

The key to the spice world trend is mixing up different tonal shades all into one outfit and I couldn’t wait to play dress up with this playful number, whatever the weather.


I also particularly love this dress because (as the title of this blog suggests) it really reminds me of an item from the Chloé catwalks this season, with it’s tactile embellishment, air of romance, and a bohemian spirit. This dress, for me, is all of the above without the price tag. It’s another great Zara find.


On holiday I paired it with these AMAZING shoes. They are built with Insolia which makes them super comfy, and they look like they could-be designer, well done Marks and Spencer!  Plus, they come complete with pom poms and as you know I’m a sucker for a pom pom or two.


In these photos you also get a sneak peak of the beautiful Fort Bazaar, a hotel we stayed in whilst in Galle and it is incredible. I will be doing a post on it very shortly.

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Thank you for reading!

Lucy xx

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