Fort Bazaar, a real gem

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When I decided to start blogging on travel, I hadn’t intended on doing a “hotel in focus”  blog but it has naturally gravitated towards that because, well, there is always one, one hotel that I fall head over heels for and on our Sri-Lankan trip the Fort Bazaar was it.


A hidden haven in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka and it’s interior design and service were both impeccable. In fact, I’m not sure you’ll see much better. I work in the meetings and events industry 9-5 so I (sometimes begrudgingly) see A LOT of hotels and then you find one that just stands out for all the right reasons.


I believe one of the owners also has a background in the hotel industry and that is really apparent, attention to detail was evident in every corner, and in the culinary tricks served up with breakfast too. Well, I fell in love. Pleasing on they eye, in a historical building, filled with friendly staff and a good dose of culture. I was in hotel heaven. Just look at the lights, chairs, and tables and a good amount of power sockets in the room too, which is a strong point (yes, I just said that)!


IMG_1184.JPGIt is a restoration project that involved a 17th-century merchant’s house in Sri-Lanka’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Galle Fort and it has been done to perfection, which is no easy feat. If you check out the pictures on teardrop hotels website (at the bottom of the page, here) you’ll see what I mean, a helluva lot of work went into this chic hideaway.

There are  tiles from Vietnam, Sri Lankan fabrics and vintage prints from local boutique Stick No Bills (also a must visit).

Really, it is a hotel that dreams are made of: a library room, a beautiful bazaar themed courtyard (inspired by  moorish influences), a cinema room, four poster beds and the yummiest food too.


When we were served our breakfast we were also told by the F&B Manager who was also super lovely that a Sri-Lanka culinary trick is to add a tiny bit of salt and pepper to your pineapple to reduce the bitterness and enhance the sweetness. It turns out that the menu at the hotel’s  Church Street Social restaurant is just another gem in the hotel’s crown, catering for those looking to try Sri-Lankan inspired dishes through to Mediterranean cuisine.


Plus, as I mentioned, it’s  situated in the beautiful Galle Fort, oozing old world charm: the Dutch and the English colonial styles are evident in the deep verandahs of houses supported by timber or masonry pillars. A beautiful place to just aimlessly wander.

More to come in the second in Sri-Lanka blog, where I detail our itinerary from Colombo to Ella. I hope for this to be ready early next week. 

Lastly, but by no means least, it’s no wonder Conde Nast has described this hotel as one of the best new hotels in the world on its “Hot List”. It makes total sense to me.

If you’re ever considering travelling Sri-Lanka in style, then definitely check out all that Teardrop Hotels have to offer (here), they did nothing but impress me.

Lucy xxx


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