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When you’re in to interiors as much as I am and you have a certain taste or style that you like to go for, it’s likely you’ll hit up the same places for key items over and over again. Especially when you value their items for both quality and design. They need to tick those boxes.

 So this is it, my favourite go-to places for all those items that are currently making a house, our home. Before I start, I must say, I mix and match items from all for these places, one requires more of a budget than the next for example, but together they’ll work and there are some items that I really believe are worth the investment, such as a family’s kitchen table, the same one that you’ll share all of your stories over and will become the centrefold of your home. On the other hand, there are some things that I’d buy such as picture frames, cushions and baskets, and they’ll always (9 times out of 10) come from say a Home Sense or TK Maxx.

Anyway here it is, my shop edit (just click the shops name to head straight on over to their site):

Brissi: The round mirror in our kitchen is from here (if you follow my insta, you may have seen it before) and I love their mirrors, they also do extra wide full-length ones that are amazing. I also love the colours of this shop, there’s a heavy, white, grey and taupe colour palette – right up my street!

Neptune: Their kitchens are a dream, made by hand and to the highest quality (too much is machine processed nowadays).

 Just about everything in Neptune is amazing – the desk and desk lamp (pictured) is from here and their artificial flowers are also of the highest quality – don’t get me wrong I love the real deal, but these are so darn close it’s incredible and worth every penny.

They also have a outlet store online and near where I live too which is definitely work checking out, the slightest mark (that’s perhaps not even visible) and it’s reduced, sometimes as much as half price. This desk, for example, will appear on the outlet every now and again.

 Graham and Green: They have a fab catalogue that I now look forward to receiving!

OKA: Oh I just love it. They have some great inspiration pictures on their site too and I just love how eclectic their designs and layouts are, not  forgetting to mention the beautiful accessories and some  more of the the most realistic artificial flowers I’ve ever seen. The lamps on the other side of our study (also pictured) are from here.

La Redoute: They have a seriously good home section too and our kitchen’s console is from here – lots of grey and very French, results in one happy Lucy!

Woodpecker InteriorsOur kitchen table was from here – be warned the website is like ASOS so much stuff to see and choose form, it’s almost difficult to know where to start, but it’s also likely to be a place that has that one thing you’ve searched everywhere for, if in doubt… try here!)

Swoon EditionsTheir drawers, stools and chairs are just, well, very fitting to the name “swoon!”

TK Maxx / Home Sense (or TJ Maxx if you’re stateside): I love that you can find one-off pieces from all over the globe here. A place where I’ll buy photo frames, cushions, lamps, rugs, the lot. The good bit is  you can now shop online too, which I love because my preference would always be to pick out finds in store like a Tom Ford book or cute notebooks like these pictured, but, you may only find one lamp, and need two – then you can look online for the second to complete your set.

Amara: Some of the chicest (yup, I’m using that word) accessories you may ever cast your eyes on. I got my dressing table mirror from here.

The French Bedroom Company: I love some of their sofas and chairs. If you like french and elaborate then this place is for you! There’s a blush buttoned one on here at the moment that would just be incredible if styled in the right home!

Alexander and Pearl: A must check out, and a good place to find an industrial looking piece or two!

Not forgetting some of the perhaps more visited high street names such as John Lewis (towels, lights,  and bedding); Marks and Spencer (I love their lights and accessories); and House of Fraser (I love a lot of their culinary pieces (tableware, placemats etc.). I haven’t mentioned these, not because I don’t love them, but because I wanted to pull out those you may not have visited before!

There is also one more that I’ve missed, but that’s because I’ve bought a couple of things for our Living Room (currently being decorated) and I ‘d love to share them with you once they’re all sat pretty in their new home, but it’s still very much a work in progress (watch this space)!

This is a part of a blog series, and the next post will be all about my hints and tips for interior styling (admittingly I’m not an interior designer, but I’ve done my fair share of research in the last few years) and I think they’re things that are worth knowing – if only I’d known some of them when we’d bought our first home (like anything, you learn from your mistakes, and that’s a good thing right?!)

Lucy xox

Shop this post:

Wall frames: IKEA (Photography Matt and I)

Desk frames: TK Maxx

Desk lamp: Neptune

Flowers in a vase: John Lewis

Desk: Neptune

Books: a selection from the Alexander McQueen exhibition; TK Maxx and Amazon

Desk tealight holders: Marks and Spencers and ASDA (from left to right)

Sideboard: IKEA

Wall Clock: The Range

Office Chair: A Charles Eames dupe from Atlantic Shipping (a great place for chairs and stools in general)

Faux Fur: John Lewis

Sideboard lamps: OKA

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