SS17: Adventurous Fabrics


Oh Tulle! I just love it. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m embracing my inner ballerina, maybe it’s because it reminds me of some of my favourite Carrie ensembles from Sex and the City, but definitely because whenever I wear it, I feel like I’m playing dress up and there is something fun about that.

I bought this skirt on August Bank Holiday weekend last year because I instantly fell in love with its grey underlay that just so happens to compliment my new little Chloé  Faye oh so well. I did also have an inkling it was about to hit the street style scene in a big way, and now it has! I’ll be wearing mine in to Spring with a deconstructed white shirt (also another big hit for SS17).

Tulle really falls in to a much bigger trend that’s hot this season, and it’s the adventurous fabric trend, those with a twist. Of course, the usual suspects, particularly denim are going to be big too, but keep an eye for those unusual fabrics. Designers have been experimenting with different textiles all over the catwalks, and Tulle was seen in two different lights, the romantic and airy, courtesy of Chloe (my favourite), and on the other hand there was more of a mysterious factor coming from the tulle at the Dior and Saint Laurent shows.

Other experimental fabrics that I’ll be keeping an eye out for this season include leather, vinyl (if I’m feeling brave – maybe even in a pair of boots?), lamé  and metallics, and those materials with a sports vibe (think nylon or scuba materials).

The skirt featured sold out very quickly, but I have picked some of my favourite tulle skirts out for you (see the shop my wardrobe section on my homepage), as well as the a couple of items similar to those that have been styled in this outfit.

Keep an eye out for my further SS17 trend posts!

With love, Lucy xxxxx

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