Adore Adornment

… Or the confessions of a jewelaholic because either are so true! Put me in a place where there’s jewellery galore and I turn in to a little jewellery fiend, it’s pretty, shiny, and almost always finishes an outfit of perfectly. What’s not to like, right?

I have always had a thing for earrings in particular, especially statement ones, but i am really loving the minimalist, simple shapes that are also on-trend right now and the truth is i can’t get enough of either of them!

Any way, my reason for this post is to share some of my favourite go-to places for fashion jewellery and my reasons why:

  • Cos and & other stories: They both have some great minimalist pieces that are really unique and for a great price too. I literally can’t go to Regent’s street’s & other stories without being suckered in to a piece of jewellery.
  • Warehouse: I love Warehouse jewellery lately, ever since Emma Cook joined the helm as Creative Director I’ve become obsessed with the brand, and even the small Warehouse store where I live has some amazing pieces with marble-effect accents or minimalist designs.
  • Topshop: I do always tend to find a bracelet I like in Topshop, especially Topshop London – their accessories hall is nothing short of impressive and I particularly love the Pretty Little Something “bar” where they’ll personalise a necklace whilst you wait.
  • French Connection: I love some of their super wide bangles and their minimalist drop earrings at the moment, but generally they do always stock nice jewellery!
  • Jaeger: There’s something about Jaeger that will always ooze a bit of class for me – they have beautiful rings, bangles and necklaces to ogle over.
  • Mango: This may even be my absolute favourite contender on this list, with really different fashion-forward pieces, again at a great price bracket.
  • Monica Vinader: Oh, her stuff is just beautiful from the personalised initial charms, but most of all I love her earrings too – there are a pair that I have my eye on as a potential pair of wedding earrings, but I’m not committing just yet!
  • Missoma: The blogger’s favourite, ever since the amazing Lucy Williams joined forces with them, Missoma really has captured the bloggers’ heart, expect more beautiful, but dainty necklaces that are great for layering. Swoon.
  • H&M: Honeslty, never been able to get enough of some of their earring and a couple of pairs in the picture are from there.

Quick top tip, if you ever fall in love with a good priced piece of jewellery that you love, such as a pair of earrings, buy two then if you lose one or they break, you’ll always have a Plan B!

Lucy xxx


Shop some of my favourites on the high street at minute by clicking on the images below:

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