Confessions of a Shoeaholic

Ok, so shoes are my Achilles heel, and will always be my biggest weakness! So I’ll be doing these confessions of a shoeaholic posts once a month (normally around the 7th, well because it’s currently Birthday eve so I’ll remember it!!)

The phrase “well, it’s my Achilles heel” has really hit home lately too. Matt (my fianc√©) ended up having surgery for his so we have been a man down at home (praying he’ll be better soon and his la-boot-on can come up before the wedding (but I am doing all BLUE jobs)); planning a wedding near Florence in a super pretty dry hire venue (this is fun because we get to pick chairs and tablecloths and cutlery (with limitations but still it means it’s a lot of work)); of course I’m working too and it’s a really busy period in the events industry; I am really excited to finish decorating our bedroom and living room, as well as having the garden together; and I have been making 30th Birthday plans!

Yes, I am about to turn the big three-oh! I’m a little excited but it feels all so weird too. That said, I have had so much fun celebrating I’m not ever complaining, and today I’m going Bridal shoe shopping with my best friends so this post seems oh so apt!!

How¬†pretty are these Gucci metallics? Swoon. Be sure to click left though there are plenty of pretty shoes that I think are pretty darn amazing. All the shoes that are still available in my photograph are on the “shoe reel” too, with the exception of the pom pom ones, available here, from Zara, but they’re nearly sold out too!

Lucy xoxo

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