Now these have been around for the past few summers in one way, shape or form, but now, more than ever, they’ve taken more of a pyjama vibe, yes, they look more like dressing gowns (yay)! And I for one, am the biggest lover of a dressing gown so I couldn’t be happier!!

Plus they’re so versatile, this one for example is something I’d we are as a dress with nude high heeled sandals, or over cream or blue jeans as I have here.

I also love that it’s floral – you’ve got to have some flower power in your wardrobe come Spring haven’t you? Florals take on a new form this Spring too with Marques’Almeida, Erdem and Balenciaga showcasing head-to-toe florals, and not just you’re ditsy prints either, but bold, statement floral pieces were blooming everywhere. Marc Jacobs also do the most amazing black version of the Kimono I’m wearing (it’s in my outfit story but with a price tag). Swoon.

This particular Kimono is from Zara but it’s now sold out (similar available here and in my outfit story below) and I received so many compliments whilst wearing it shopping for wedding shoes, which made me smile, as Matt, my fiancé, is set that every man and his dog would think it’s nightwear.

The shoes I’m wearing in the post are also from Zara, available here. A similar camisole (the more lingerie like the better I say), the bag, jeans and sunglasses are available in my outfit story below.

Now let’s just dedicate the end of this post to my new sunglasses!! One of my thirtieth birthday presents from  Matt. I have been searching for the perfect sunglasses with gold hardware for a little while, as I had become obsessed with a River Island pair I have, but they’re on their last legs. Then there were these, I am in love with the shape and that they’re all gold everything, not forgetting they’ll be perfect to wear with anything. They’re new in and available from the Sunglass Hut (in-store and not online). All hail the Chanel sunglasses!!

Lucy xo

P.S. you can shop similar pieces in my outfit story below!

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