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It’s true, there’s 11, I couldn’t decide between two so the both had to go on there!

There’s that saying, I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list! This sums me up: ever since a young age, I have always dreamt about faraway places and I still often find myself feeling wanderlust, say every ten minutes at my desk?!

So ok, it’s very subjective, but I often get asked where my favourite place is and it’s hard – I have a favourite ski place, a favourite city, and a favourite amongst all other favourites, but for one reason or another (and I’ve explained why) these are my current top favourite destinations that I have visited (in no particular order – except for the first on the list – it’s there for a reason):

Cape Town, South Africa

Now I always big this up and I get the feeling that people maybe think it will never live up to the expectations I’ve set, but low and behold it always does. It really is the place that has everything, and minus the political situation, I’d live there in a heartbeat (assuming they’d have me). The loveliest people, the most most beautiful beaches, the weather, the best road trip drives ever (bar none), views galore, a melting pot of cultures, an incredibly trendy scene, palm trees, this list could go on forever but trust me, it has it all, and I will get around to doing a blog on exactly what we did both there and on Safari . It’s nothing short of magical and it should be on everyone’s bucket list! From horse riding on a beach to riding around the prettiest wine region with vintage trams, and a whole lot of history – it’s incredible.

When I get all my photos off of my old phone, I’ll be sure to do a blog post on it!


One of my favourite cities in the world. There’s something that’s truly magical about it, it’s building’s facades, and its world famous monuments. I do feel this sense of excitement whenever I’m lucky enough to visit. Maybe it’s because it’s my grandfather’s favourite city too, but there’s also a million other reasons…

The macaroons, the French accent (I love hearing a French person say Louis Vuitton), the architecture, amazing doors on every road, its glamorous side, a dark and edgy side, but most of all an artistic side, with pretty intimate courtyards here, there and everywhere. I just love everything about it.

Plus there’s so much history, I could get lost in its charm, and no matter how many times I visit, there’s always something that is new or changed!

Find out more about my top places to visit in the city over on my “Passport to Paris” blog post.

Dubrovnik (and surrounding islands)

This probably is in my top three places in the world. On our first night I was speaking to my mum on the phone and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I had already fallen hook, line and sinker for the place, and then Matt, my future husband, called out in the background “it feels like a fairytale” and I felt that hit the nail on the head. Inside the city walls, a UNESCO world heritage site, you were encased in an old world charm like no other.

After visiting, I recommended it to so many people, including my brother, and everyone has come back raving about it.

Don’t forget to visit the surrounding islands too… we went to Lopud and it was so tranquil with the most beautiful sea, and a scenery backdrop that almost didn’t look real – it was picture perfect. Eating dinner by crashing waves in quaint little restaurants was also pretty special.

This photo was taken walking the city walls, an amazing tour, that shows how many of the houses were bombed during World War (the brighter orange roofs are new roofs). This is a tour I’d highly recommend, but make sure you do it early in the day or at dusk before it gets too hot.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been somewhere on my bucket list after I’d met a couple in the Maldives, and they’d said, if you love it here, but also like to tie in a bit of adventure and some culture then Sri Lanka is just the ticket. Moments after, it was pencilled into that ever-growing destination wish list.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Sri Lanka. Like Bali, it has the culture and beaches, the friendliest of people, but what really struck me is that it really does live up to the name of “Little India” and we found travelling around it so much fun. There’s just so much to see, from the old English Heritage towns, the beaches, the national parks that are great for safari, the temples, the elephants… and the list goes on.

Most importantly it doesn’t fall under the typical Asian backpacker’s route and Matt says it reminds him of Thailand or Bali 15 years ago before the backpackers moved in by the buket load, but I’m not sure it’ll be long before that happens so get there quick!

Find out more on my Sri Lankan blog here.


The most peaceful and relaxing place on earth, with no exception. I consider myself very lucky to have visited here for my mum’s birthday a few years back. No cars, no shoes and just pure relaxation – it was my idea of bliss. We did actually visit the biggest island too (Kuredu – it’s still only forty minutes to walk around) and there were things going on in the evening, but you could be as involved as much or as little as you like.

I’ve heard people say they think they could get bored there, but pick the right island with water sports or a surf reef and the world’s your oyster. Seriously though for a beautiful beach with the clearest sea, there are very few places, if any, that’ll beat it.

New York

A place that I Imagine is on many people’s top places ever visited list – that skyline though. I love that, like most cities, it is ever-changing. The last time Matt and I went the trainline (a trendy bar and restaurant scene near the meatpacking district) had just been put in, and we enjoyed cocktails from sky high bars such as the Boom Boom Rooms and strolls through the West Village (one of my favourite things to do). Last time, we stayed in the East Village, and I have also stayed central and on the border, out by New Jersey, and it never gets old. I’ll always get super excited about the opportunity to go back. We were hoping to go for Matt’s last birthday but it fell through but I’m sure we’ll find another excuse – after all, New York is always a good idea!

Puglia, Italy

Being half Italian, Italy will always be one of my favourite countries, plus it really does have food to die for, and a strong inherent culture that I love! But for me, travel all of Italy and Puglia is my favourite and you can find out more over on my Italian blog, but in essence, it’s super rural, very white and picturesque and a foodie’s dream – it takes Italian food to a whole new level in my opinion and the “Trulli” pictured are super pretty too.

My Italian blog can be found here, and if you ever venture there, be sure to stay at Masseria Cervarolo – it’s incredible!

The Douro Valley, Portugal

Along with Puglia, I’d describe this as one of my happy places, sat in a pool sunken into a hill top, drinking locally made port, of both the white and red kind, and staring out at hills and hills of vineyards. There’s not much to do other than relax and drink yummy port, but need a relaxing weekend away, then don’t overlook this place!

My favourite place to stay would definitely be: Quinta Nova De Nossa.

Hamilton Island, Australia

This is in the Whitsunday islands – one of the prettiest and most beautiful parts of the world – it’s known for it. Lucky for me, one of my best friends at University’s family live in Australia and it was the first place I’d say I properly travelled, with one of the stops being Hamilton Island. It kind of feels like something out of the Truman Show, surreal landscapes, and car parking spaces no bigger than a golf buggy because that’s what everyone drives. No matter where you look, even at the parakeets in the trees, you almost need to pinch yourself to believe it’s real, and also a holiday destination that offers real escapism, well, that’s just what the doctor ordered!

Las Vegas

It really has to be done once, maybe once with girls, and once with a partner – it really is an adult’s playground and it’s easy to see why it’ s called that, you can have fun and put your dancing shoes for the majority of any given day – I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but it’s too much fun not to try, just once.

And for the record, I’d pick Vegas over Dubai and day of the week.

Zermatt, Switzerland

There is not a ski place like it, ok it doesn’t have a wild party scene, but it does have the most amazing natural beauty of a mountain (the second highest in the Alps) and you basically ski around what is officially the Toblerone Mountain (aka the Matterhorn) and it is awe-inspiring, not forgetting the Riffelhaus hotel, with the best view in the haus (check out the hot tub withs views of this incredible peak)! Such a relaxing ski break if there is such a thing and if you’re in to skiing, this place definitely needs to be added to the bucket list.

Back soon with an outfit post!

Lucy xoxo

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