A Corsican Mini Moon

Corsica – the most beautiful rural landscape, the clearest sea I’ve seen on this side of the world, and yummy French food. What’s not to like?

We were in such a pickle about where to go for our mini moon and whilst we got married in Italy, being half Italian and my husband having grown up there, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of it that it actually became a challenge finding somewhere that was new to both of us, that would still be warmish in late September, and ticked the relaxing mini moon box. Corsica was the perfect choice.

The sea was honestly the clearest I’ve seen in Europe, and outside of the Maldives. If you’ve ever been to Sicily or Sardinia, by comparison, the sea is most comparable to that!

And when you drive around, there’s the odd pretty house draped in flowers, but it’s insanely rural, like you’ve hit a back road in Australia so it’s a trip not worth missing!

We travelled from Italy straight after the wedding and it worked perfectly, catching a ferry from Livorno. On the way back to the UK, going back via Italy seemed slightly long-winded so if travelling from the UK, I’d definitely go there by by flight if I’m lucky enough for there to be a next time!

From the Corsican port “Bastia” we travelled straight to Palombaggia, a place that we’d heard was a great hub for exploring the southern beaches and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

The hotel we stayed in was called the Ambassador Palombaggia. It was super picturesque and the breakfast overlooking the gardens was always a great start to the day (not forgetting to mention that I fell in love with the owner’s seriously cute Pomeranian dog – Nala).

From there, it was a ten minute walk to the beach where you’ll find a driftwood beach bar selling Mojitos made just right (says the husband who used to live in Peru). We then walked the entire beach to the next beach along, through a secret path and came across a couple of small, but derelict beaches – the perfect place to just get away. That beach at the other end of the path is also jaw-droppingly stunning and it’s called U Tamaricciu.

A couple of other beaches we visited that are definitely worth visiting is San Ciprianu and Rondinara.

Rondinara has a beautiful pool inlet on one end and a beach bar called Le Tiki that we loved to over indulge in – particularly with the ice cold French Rose.

The restaurant set back on San Ciprianu though is a must – when they describe the salad as “For the mozzarella lover” they weren’t messing around. It was so good (see the picture below).

Porto-Vecchio is the main town nearest all of these places and the place we’d head for dinner – it’s a pretty old town with lots of eateries from French cuisine to Sushi. Although it’s true to say we often had a late lunch before retiring to the hotel’s hot tub with some fizz – that’s the best way to spend a Mini Moon right?

I can’t wait to share our most recent adventure with you too (a trip to Iceland – coming up soon on the blog…)

Lucy xoxo


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