A Pop of Red

Red is everywhere at the minute… the trend is spreading like wildfire! Whilst daring fashionistas or the experimental amongst us might opt for all out red (I have seen the dreamiest red suit on Zara here), truth is some of us just don’t suit it as much as they’d perhaps like and I am one of them so I’m easing my way in. The best way to do it if you’re not quite ready for embracing red all over.

Here, because I was visiting Bruges, where there is plenty of red amongst the building’s architecture I opted for this cute little red bag (available here, and I love this one too)┬ábecause I thought it would look pretty with the buildings (yes, true story, soz). In fact I quite often do this when I’m on holiday.

I am also obessesed wth cropped flares and trousers, midi coats (if I must still wear one weather permitting), sock boots and captain hats.

The closest thing I can find to my trousers which I’m obsessed with are here, and other similar items are below.

Lucy xoxo

P.S. I’ll be back soon with a Bruges travel post and I can’t wait – it is the cutest little place!

Shop similar outfit pieces:

Shop a pop of red:

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